Introduction to brew

What is brew?

brew is a self-service data analytics platform that enables analysts to solve and automate their organization’s most challenging data problems. Without writing a line of code brew empowers analysts to intuitively capture their data processing workflows and expose their results through custom Web-based dashboards to decision makers.

What does that actually mean?

With brew you can automate the tedious processes that you use to get insights from your data. When you're done setting up your workflow you can expose it through our dashboard creation tool.

With brew you can...

  • Query data from a myriad of disparate databases
  • Filter and manipulate results
  • Perform geospatial, temporal, tabular, and many other types of calculations
  • Blend and join datasets together
  • Output your data to virtually any third-party tool

How does that work?

To build a workflow a user navigates to the "Build" section of the brew web-app. The user can then create a workflow using a library of what we call "functionals". These functionals represent the queries, filters, and other processes that you use to customize your workflow. A functional has inputs and outputs – data is transformed throughout the workflow by connecting a functional's output to the next functional's input.